VHT New Wano Update Info: Level 195/Chi tiết cập nhật Wano mới: Cấp 195

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  1. Michele

    Michele Member Tích Cực


    It seems like the new details for the next update has been leaked. We are getting the ability to advance to LV 195. This might be the second to last increase before the final increase to max level of 200.

    But there are 2 details that I think was leaked, accidental or not will be revealed later. First, the gear. Don't they look really new? Level 170 gear incoming

    Secondly, the haki animation is totally new, sounds like haki order 11, but if that is true, please make collecting purple haki (haki territory) easier to get for main character haki order 11.

    Moving on, they seem to have announced plans for new cilent:


    More might be coming soon, but it seem like a step in right direction for new cilent that doesn't require flash player, maybe it will help with development too
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  2. Yuki1902

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  3. khongconten

    khongconten Member Chính Thức

  4. Yukino Yukinoshita

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  5. zerosan

    zerosan Member Chính Thức

    ra trên điện thoại nữa thì tốt nhỉ
  6. Michele

    Michele Member Tích Cực

    You can now advance Lucci to shura. I guess his stats are a bit more balanced? Though the facebook page says it is meant for free players, but with these haki materials I seriously doubt so. There is a preview of him:

    Next, there are 3 new mount equipment, like always:
  7. Michele

    Michele Member Tích Cực

    New fruit, although they won't reveal the ingredients.

    The next general/member to receive Shura is Basil Hawkins. His TC talent will be upgraded to SS- and his defense talents upgraded to minimum SS-. Surpassed Super

  8. Minhhp87

    Minhhp87 Chém Gió Thần Sầu Chữ Ký Động

    Meta này chơi TC không cần đầu tư quá nhiều dame thay vào đó đảm bảo 100% nộ lượt 1 và miễn dịch hiệu ứng. Tướng TC giờ chỉ có tác dụng buff thôi.:confused:
  9. YumyKiddy

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    Chưa thấy con buff nào mới nhỉ
  10. Ron

    Ron Cao Thủ Forum

    Đây chưa phải là tướng meta đâu. Chưa thấy điểm nhấn, chắc chỉ để trải nghiệm, còn meta chắc chỉ có shanks với mihawk
  11. Michele

    Michele Member Tích Cực

    They have confirmed a new gear, level 170:

    Seems like the development team is actually on the roll with new things, since already this is the third general revealed. Killer Shura

    Again, new fruits, though since I am not naturally Vietnamese, I cannot understand if these are useful or nice:

    And finally, they revealed Marco Shura, oh my gosh!!!!!! Not only, but supposedly his special attack can recover health, this is getting a bit exciting.


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